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has a new swim suit XD
United States
Current Residence: a tree shadowing a lake~ <3
Favourite genre of music: rock, alternative, Christian, dance, techno, some country~
Favourite photographer: same l3
Operating System: a toaster =D and waffles *yummy!*
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano =)
Shell of choice: sea, Yoshi, snail, turtle... ^-^
Wallpaper of choice: my walls in my room are yellow w@
Skin of choice: we are NOT white or black, we are either peach or brown...or gray XD
Favourite cartoon character: Amy Rose, Link, Yoshi, Patrick (from Spongebob XD)...
Personal Quote: Men aren't pigs. Pigs are gentle, sensitive, and intelligent animals. <3

Update since I last wrote here~

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 21, 2008, 3:03 PM

:star:Team Destiny:star:



Commission? :giggle:…


Art Status~…


Leaving dA~…


Well, lucky for any of you who actually visit my journals, my mom accidentally erased the entire long entry I was typing.  It had somewhat paraphrased updates on my life, what I'll be doing here until I leave, when I'll leave, and other such things.  She switched AOL accounts without telling me, so that's all gone.  I'm not going to bother retyping the whole darn thing 'cause it took freaking long enough the first time. D: I specifically asked her not to close my windows, but she closed my whole account...  She didn't mean to do it, but darn it, that's annoying. - . - I'll be over it in about ten minutes, or when I finish this entry, but I hate feeling annoyed with her. D: Anyway...


Updates and Only Finishing Loose Ends

My life updates will remain hidden from this journal, as all of the random things I wanted to share are gone and I suppose not too exciting to read either...  I'll get on to some of the things that involve dA, as that's what people here would most likely want to know. - w -

Long paragraph short, I'm only staying here longer to finish off some loose ends.  This means that I'm going to keep ensuring contact with friends and I'll finish all of those old pictures that I've promised.  The latter is going to take much longer than I first expected.  Hence, I've erased so many people from my watch, and the superspecialawesome people I kept on (either for their friendship or their inspiration to me, or both) I've unchecked being informed of their updates.  I can't go through all of those pictures, journals, and such anymore; I'm nearly through with dA.  If I want to see how someone's doing here before I leave, I'll just visit their page directly and on my own. :3

With comments and replies...  I'll read all of them, but I won't reply to many at all.  Even if I can't take the time to say it to everyone individually, I honestly appreciate all of the kind words~ ; . ; I'm going to leave ways to contact me, however, in the next section of my journal.


Contact Information

My account is still a way to find me (it's listed under my website on my page here).  If I find that my stories just don't fit there anymore (I'm thinking that most will be original stories, and not so much fan fiction...), I'll go to a different site for writing and put the link on dA, my fanfiction page, or both.

I'll have a Photobucket account that, when I do make a sketch I really like, finish a picture, or make a gift for someone, I'll put it there.  I'll have a link to my account there soon enough, and everyone is free to check up on it from time to time if their still interested in how my art is coming along (which will be a relatively small hobby for free time only).

My MSN e-mail (secondary e-mail to my AOL one), TreeINAbottle AT hotmail DOT com, will be kept on my journal.  This is for two reasons: you can contact me to ask something, show me something, or just talk, and you can still request commissions. XD Seriously, I think I'll keep them going for a good bit yet.  I'll stop taking them when my hands, pencils, or inspiration stop short of being useful in this field.  Until then, I don't mind having the random commission to keep me in an artistic mood. :3 The commission journal link is at the top of this journal, and the pictures will be sent via e-mail or just uploaded on the Photobucket account.

Oh, and the MSN is my Messenger address too (which I use on and off, not obsessively), but I won't accept friend requests for now on unless I'm notified first of who it is~  Thanks for understanding. : D


Final Requests

I hope this doesn't come off as blunt, but I have some final and vague requests before I leave~  I would absolutely love to see some aquatic/oceanic (with water, dolphins, fishes, and the like) and forest-themed (trees, plants, forest animals) pictures.  I don't want to see just any beautiful nature scenes of these sorts, however; I would just love to see some of my friends here draw some scenic pictures for me. <33 Of course, you know I'd never want that to seem like a command.  I wouldn't want someone to feel obligated out of pity, certainly! XDD I just think it'd really make me happy to see that sort of art come from some great people I've met here.

You'll also be happy to know that it'll get a great place on the wall in my room for all of eternity (at least as long as I'm alive here XDD ), along with other pictures made for me that have such effort and love in them~  I'll probably want to have a small collection of the characters of close friends, so I can always see the generally Sonic-styled face that I've associated them with for years. ^__^ In short, I want to make a nice collage of some great things to remember my time at deviantART and those I've met, so I never forget what I've learned and gained from the experience~ <33


Who Did It???

I nearly forgot about this part. XDD Kay, so, I was waiting for my subby to run out last month, as it should...  I soon found that it had been extended my a year. o__o Goodness.  I said I was leaving in a month, and somehow I'm subscribed until July 23, 2009.  I'm not going to be here for practically anything but submissions, and that should only last a few months, but I'm subbied for that long~  How on this earth did that happen? D: If it came from someone's pocket, then I am quite in debt to them.  I'll feel really bad if someone wasted their money on me. ; . ;


German Please?

Alrighty, so German III didn't fit into my school schedule last year...  I'm taking it this year, but that leaves a German-less year in between.  I'm quite rusty and unprepared for the language course at the moment.  I'm going to review old notes and such, but I really need a solid run through basics, then going into slightly more advanced structure, and so on...  If someone could help me find decent sites for learning German (with stuff for beginners and beyond as you go) or practicing German (such as talking to people who know German, maybe a kind person here that I could e-mail or a site dedicated to speaking and enforcing proper grammar and such in the German language), I would be SOO so very appreciative.  Honestly, I really want to learn German and be able to speak it fluently with time, but I need help, and quickly at this point.  Please help if you can~ ; . ;


Journal End

Wouldn't you know it?  My mom erased my long journal, and I may have made a longer one. :lmao:  Only I can manage that one~ XDD Haha.  Anyway, it's been a great time here.  I shall go off for now to work on some summer reading (I'm nearly finished with the books, but there are some papers to do, and school starts on Monday~ ).  Have a great time, everybody~ <33 :glomp:


Many thanks to :iconwendyatticus: for the three-month subby (and one-month subby too)~!! :hug::heart:

For more random advertisements, please refer to the shoutboard at the right (when viewing journal and comments~ )! Thankies much, and have a nice day! 8D *coughjoinwendy-fansidcontestcough* :XD:

  • Listening to: Pages by 3 Doors Down
  • Reading: Siddhartha (6th of 7 for A.P. Literature)
  • Drinking: wasser~ &lt;33


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